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October 4, 2005

I stumbled across this page today. It links to another page that has some interesting information about the history of the Stidman Family in America. Yes, I know it's technically about "Stedmans", but that's just one of the many variants of our last name and it probably explains why we tend to pronounce our name Stedman insted of Stidman.

July 12, 2005

Marianne setup a blog for the family. You can find it at http://blog.stidman.com/.

September 8, 2004

Alot of people keep telling me they are having major problems with advertisements popping up on their computer when they surf the Internet. I am asked about this problem so frequently that I have now written a short article on the problem.

April 8, 2002

I have put up a new coat-of-arms. This one looks alot nicer than the old one. I've finally figured out that the folks who put together these coat-of-arms pictures don't go digging through old books looking for old drawings of the coat-of-arms, as I had ignorantly assumed. They read a description from an old registry and then create the picture based on their interpretation of that description. The description of the Stidman coat-of-arms is (taken from an e-mail from the company who created the picture):

         The heraldic description of these arms are as follows:

         Name: Stidman
         Record: 21440
         Arms: Argent, a fesse vert, between in chief two snails proper, and
               in base a thistle with two leaves vert. 
No, our coat-of-arms couldn't have anything cool like a ferocious lion's head or something. Our oddball ancestors chose a snail chasing another snail.

October 5, 2001

A new page has been added for the rental house on Sanibel Island, Florida. Click here to see it.

September 11, 2001

As I'm sure you know, a terrorist attack was launched against the US this morning. As fate would have it, I was working at home this morning. It seemed obvious to me from the start that this had to be a terrorist attack. Thinking that such a serious terrorist attack in New York could be followed by another terrorist attack here in DC, I went out on my deck to see if there was any unusual activity. There was nothing, except a lone airplane which appeared to be heading toward the airport. An airplane flying toward the airport is nothing unusual, but this one seemed to be taking a somewhat unusual route. Of course, this same route also leads to the Pentagon. I brushed it off, and went back inside. Within 30 seconds (literally), the reports of the terrorist attack in New York were interrupted by reports of a major event which had just occurred at the Pentagon. I got up, looked out the window, and was horrified. Here is what I saw.

December 2, 2000

Well, I finally got my DSL line. No more squatting on the domain; it's for real now. I got this going finally on December 2, 2000, so don't expect much yet. Ideas are welcome; please send them to sean@stidman.com.

My name is Sean Stidman. I live in Arlington, VA, just outside Washington, DC. I want to try to share this domain as much as possible, so I will be more than happy to give e-mail addresses to anyone with the last name of Stidman which I will forward to wherever you want. I will also be more than happy to do URL forwarding, so if you have a web page somewhere I will forward anyone who goes to http://yourname.stidman.com. All of this I will do for free, but, of course, your last name has to be Stidman. I can be reached at sean@stidman.com.

The coat-of-arms in the upper left corner is technically the Stedman (notice the "e") coat-of-arms. But if you read the Origin of the name Stidman, you will see that the name Stidman is one of the many names derived from the older name Stedman. Click on the coat-of-arms to get a larger version.

I have not personally verified any of the historical information on this site, so don't just assume that it is correct. If you find mistakes, errors, or flat out lies, please tell me about it so I can make corrections. And before anyone asks, I do not plan to put any information about more recent Stidmans, with the exception of myself or anyone else who asks me to. With credit card companies using your mothers maiden name and other things like that, it would probably be a bad idea to give too much recent information. And besides, the historical information is much more interesting   :-)